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I have initiated new technologies and successfully implemented them in my area of responsibility. Today, these represent technological milestones in the company's history

Cost-efficient projectile production with new process; independence from third parties

Technology takeover from competitors; introduction of new product areas

I have built up new competencies and thus left a lasting mark on the company's technological leadership

Reduced expenses and increased innovation capability with simulation and virtual engineering. Over100 patent applications since 2015 in the area of responsibility

Massive cold forming for the production of parts from wire, introduced from scratch

Professional patent management and services established internationally for the management of a portfolio of over 340 patents


I am accountable for the development of over 100 products, which have successfully and visibly established themselves in the market

NATO qualified lead-free cartridges; worldwide patents; in service in NATO countries

Explosive projectiles adaptable to customer specifications; CH and EU armies

Novel lead-free projectiles for handguns; Golden Award of the NRA in USA

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