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About Me

I have more than 25 years of experience leading R&D, technology and quality assurance organizations in a renowned international ammunition company. Enabling innovation, building competencies, developing products and evaluating technologies are my passion. I am an inventor/co-inventor in over 15 international patent applications.

leadership, organization, strategy, project management, human resource development, competency building, intellectual property, metal forming, small caliber ammunition, pyrotechnics, propellant, ballistics, innovation, scientific work.

My Competencies

My Industry Expertise

Defense Industry, Ammunition manufacturing, Suppliers for ammunition industry

My Education

Program for Executive Development - International General Management Program

Business Administration

Promotion in Science - Dr. rer nat. 
Thesis: New Intermetallic Compounds for Hydrogen Storage
Master (Diploma) in Physics
Thesis: Diffusion of Hydrogen in Magnesium and the Nucleation and Growth of Magnesiumhydride in Thin Films


Pragamatic, but solution oriented approaches

Professional network 

Agile methods and classical project management 


Communication in German, English and French

Broad experience in dealing with intellectual property, know-how preservation and knowledge transfer


Good understanding of business processes, functions and roles 



Quick familiarizing with new technical areas 

Curiosity and Openess


Situational management style with a pronounced social sensibility. Transparent, honest and respectful

Strong target and result-oriented. Consistent progress tracking

Strategic thinker, developing holistic approaches


Decision maker; taking responsibility

Own initiative and taking unconventional paths


Strong analytical thinking skills, anticipating complex issues and act effectively



New technologies initiated and successfully implemented

Technology takeover from third parties; introduction of new product areas

Built up and established new competencies 

Reduction of expenses and increasing innovation capability with simulation and virtual engineering

Numerous international patent applications 

Establishment of professional patent management and services to manage a portfolio of over several hundtreds of patents

Development of more than 100 products


A distinctive goal- and solution-oriented approach - always in the interest of the customer

100% focus on delivering value to the business

Innovative, balanced and motivatied leadership personality with more than 25 years of experience

Well-founded professional competencies 

"Commitment" as a natural attitude in daily work

Loyal cooperation (also long term cooperation possible)

Hit the Target
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